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The Crew




I have been diving over 30 year. Most of my diving career has been in the Southern California waters. Southern California beach diving and Southern Channel Islands have been my specialty. These local waters are some of the most plentiful and picturesque in the world. Is my pleasure to share this with you and take you on some of my most favorite dive spots!

What kind of fish would you like to see & hunt, I will bring you there!


Divemaster & Lead Deckhand


I have been around the ocean my whole life; from competing in water polo to enjoying surfing across the world. Though I haven't stopped, I also enjoy helping others on their own quest to fulfill their need for adventure and exploration that underwater world can provide.

Safety is my number one. Though my many years of experience and training in scuba diving, I am to be thorough with my dive site briefings and my diver roll calls. 

If you have questions or help let me know, I will do my best of my ability to help and keep everyone safe on the Peace and make sure yall have a good time!




I'm a independent hard working man that grew up on the boats with his father. Traveled from West coast to East coast as a chef on cruise ships to live aboard scuba diving vessels.


I enjoy the satisfaction on my customers faces when they enjoy my cooking. I enjoy scuba diving and all water sports.

Tell me what is your favorite food, I will do my best to make it for you!




I'm Stanley Filipowicz, in school to be 100 ton Licensed Captain. Beginner free diver and scuba diver. Have been on boats before I could talk, my main background is in fishing and from Spearfishing to surfing. Also I am an active water man with experience at sea.

If you have any questions about the boat you are free to ask! I will do what it takes to help

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