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Hunting Info

  • Remember that it is your responsibility to personally verify all hunting regulations prior to attempting to take any game. The information below is for informational purposes only and could be out of date. Please go to the Department of Fish and Game's Website to confirm any and all regulations.

  • Lobster Season is open the Saturday preceding the first Wednesday in October through the first Wednesday after the 15th of March.

  • All information presented here is deemed to be accurate, but it is your responsibility to verify the current DFG Regulations prior to taking any game.

  • Lobsters must be measured underwater or on the surface prior to boarding, no undersized lobster may be brought aboard any boat. So it is very important that each diver have a lobster gauge on them while diving.

  • 3 1/4" is applicable to California Spiny Lobster.

  • Spiny Lobster Report Card's are a new requirement for the 2008-2009 season. No lobster can be taken or attempted to be taken without a Spiny Lobster Report Card in possession.

Lobster Equipment and Licensing

  • If you plan on lobster diving, you will need to make sure that you have the appropriate fishing license and equipment. You will want to have a lobster bag to take underwater with you, a lobster gauge and you will want to have an additional lobster catch bag to store your lobster in on the boat, while you go on your next dives.

  • In 2008 a new licensing requirement was issued by the Department of Fish and Game. You must also have a Spiny Lobster Report Card with you to Lobster Hunt.

  • Each Lobster Report Card is non-transferable, and allows you to record 56 days of lobster hunting. Every person hunting for lobster are required to have a Lobster Report Card, even those that don't usually require a fishing license, i.e. Children under the age of 16 are required to have a Lobster Report Card and 1 Day, 2 Day Fishing Licenses are required to have a Lobster Report Card and those with Lifetime Licenses are required to have a Lobster Report Card.

  • Remember that when you are purchasing your fishing license that we are south of Point Arguello and are required to have an Ocean Enhancement Stamp, except on the 1 and 2 Day Licenses.

  • These are not all of the rules and requirements of the Lobster Report Card, please refer to the DFG website for complete information.

  • The Department of Fish and Game is moving towards an automated online system for licenses,so the Explorer Boat will not have licenses or Lobster Report Cards available on board. Click here to order your license online: DFG website We suggest that you visit your local sporting goods store or we have a Big 5 (Ventura on Main Street) and a Sport Chalet (Oxnard at Rose Exit) near the boat to purchase your Lobster Report Card and Ocean Enhancement Stamp prior to boarding the Explorer Boat, if needed.

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