The Address To Our Boat


Directions to the Explorer Boat 

Freeway 710 from South

Take I-710 S to W Shoreline Dr in Long beach

Take exit 1-C From I-710 S
Drive on West Shoreline Drive 

Turn right at Golden Shore 

Keep driving straight till you stop at the loading area on the map above 

Freeway 710 from North

Take I-710 N 

Use left lane to exit toward Pico Ave

Keep left to continue toward Pico Ave

Merge onto W Ocean Blvd

Turn right onto Queen's way

keep driving straight till you stop at the loading area on the map above


  • Park at the loading area and enter the pier point office

  • Buy a Parking Pass or Token from the Pier point office ($3)

  • (one Parking or taken can take care of overnight parking)

  • Drive your vehicle toward parking number 1-25

  • Make sure to only park at the assigned parking space 

  • If the Parking space is full, Head over to the West-Point Bridge for extra parking

  • Walk to the Pier point office and head North to enter the Port.

  • The explorer will be parked on the first Deck on the right side (North of the boat) on the photo above

  • (we will not be responsible for any consequences if you failed to follow these guidelines)

Make sure to Review Parking guidance

Drive up to the Pier Point Office to purchase token ($3)
Find a parking space between the marked Lanes below on the map
(Do not park in the unmarked zones)
Enter the Pier Port and find the boat and crew
Enjoy your trip!

Pier Point Office Location

200 Aquarium way. Long Breach, CA 90802

The Explorer Boat is located in Long Beach. We are North and first deck on the right from the pier point office.

Telephone: 626-625-6232

Office Hours: Monday - Friday from 10am - 6pm