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Boat description

Our boat is a large 65 feet long by 22 feet wide. Our large size offers a comfortable and stable crossing to the Channel Islands. A nap is also a nice way to help minimize sea sickness. We have a comfy bunk room that offers a pillow and blanket for each passenger so you can get a good nights sleep. You are welcome to bring a sleeping bag and there are (2) 110 volt outlets in the bunk room, if electricity is needed. We have 24 bunks, some single and some double with privacy curtains and reading lights. 

During the day you may relax in our large fully enclosed galley or hang out on a sundeck. Our galley is large enough for all divers to be inside and enjoy a hot cup of soup on those cooler days. Our boat also features a sundeck, hot tub, 2 bathrooms with hot showers (shampoo is provided) and an outdoor hot shower. 

Our Diving Deck offers 34 spaces for tanks with half of them on a bench and the other half lower on the ground. There is storage for your gear bags under the benches and along the sides of the boat. 

You will want to bring your own towel as we do not provide them on board. We do have a clothes dryer for drying small items on multi-day trips.

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